My portfolio

Fields, organisations, projects, articles, lectures, workshops, … by me! 

It is always very difficult to bring together all the projects, writings, workshops, lectures, … which I have done in the last years! On one hand, I’m more focusing on the organisations I’m co-running and not my own “portfolio” and on the other hand, I’m having organisations and projects on two “slightly” different topics. This portfolio brings together every fields, organisations, projects, … I was or still working on!


MSc in Architecture, TU Budapest
MAS in Housing, ETH Zürich

PhD in Design Candidate, MOME Budapest

(1) Collaborative housing developments
(2) Refugees and architecture
(3) Architectural design

(1) Community Living – Közösségben Élni (Hungary – co-founder)
(2) Grand Home Budapest (Hungary – co-founder)
(3) Architecture for Refugees (International – Swiss Association – co-founder)
(4) Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ (Swiss Association – co-founder)
(5) Housing and Refugees (ENHR Working Group – co-founder)
(6) dotlinearchitects

Networks and important partners
– Future Architecture Platform
– Emergency Architecture & Human Rights
– World-Architects

(x) CAMPing – Beyond Architecture
(x) Sleepingtories
(x) ED and ACT – DIY EDucational and ACTivity Space for Everybody
(x) Charity
(x) Architecture is a Human Right

Articles and writings
– Identity and space …  (TAW)
– Article (Collage magazine)
Neue Heimat – Intro, Privatsphäre, Infrastruktur, Integration, – published in 2017 by Hochparterre, online article series (co-author with Zsófia Glatz and Monika Jedrisyak)
Improving Refugee Settlements: Collaboration between Refugees, Architects, and Volunteers, MoMA – Insecurities – Tracing Displacement and Shelter Exhibition, online article 2016   Castillo, D., Nasr Chamma
– 2016 Chamma, N., Komlósi, B.: Open letter from Architecture for Refugees: Save the Jungle refugee camp!, Architecture for Refugees, online article
– 2015   Glatz, Zs., Komlósi, B.: Architecture by/with/for Users, Anza Magazine – East African Architecture, Issue 6, The Architect – What we do (2015), pp. 30-37
– 2015   Glatz, Zs., Komlósi, B.: Co-housing developments for resilience in housing, Knowledge transfer – how to increase the number of co-housing developments, Sheffield School of Architecture, Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale Conference, peer-reviewed conference paper, Sheffield

2015   Glatz, Zs., Komlósi, B.: Introducing co-housing in Hungary and Eastern Europe for a sustainable and resilient housing future, ENHR Lisbon Conference, conference paper, Lisbon

2015   Glatz, Zs., Komlósi, B.: Housing norms vs. real needs, ETH trans 24 – Normed (2014), pp. 74-79. Republished: Normy vs. Potreby, ERA 21 Magazine, Issue 2 – Together (2015), pp. 24-25.

Lectures and presentations

Publications about my works