PERFECT WEATHER for doing research and writing an article about “Identity & Space”! = Family time!

I love my life & work balance! 😀

“We are not missionaries but when something here works, such as, for example, the integration of refugees, disabled or elderly persons then this could surely be adopted as an example of how it could function at a larger scale. We present our experience in the form of a model that can be applied in a modified form to other situations. And when something doesn’t work, then we can hand on this experience also. But nobody can tell us any longer that the integration of refugees does not work – it works, and we live here with proof of this fact.”

– such an amazing and inspiring short text by Ute who lives / lived in the Sargfabrik co-housing project in Wien.



Quotation from the magazine 2G – Ilka Ruby and Andreas Ruby, “The Making of Sargfabrik & Miss Sargfabrik,” 2G n. 36. (2005): 118-119.

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