Sharing is caring – co-living on diverse scales for inclusivity!

With Zsófi and many other friends and colleagues we are researching and developing co-living projects for many years now! For me it started with four keywords, topics. Democracy, housing, sustainability and bottom-up. After my studies in Barcelona, Budapest and Zürich, the co-housing and shared-flats appeared as potential solutions for all the four topics! We kept working on these issues and trying on a daily basis to get closer. Closer to develop as many co-housing and shared-flats as possible. Check this article to see how Hannah Wood sees this issue.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 19.16.59

“In the city of Beirut, co-living is just called ‘living’. That sharing has diverged into a sought-after lifestyle is symbolic of our culture,” says Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, founder of AKKA architects, in reference to the capital of her native Lebanon. “The segregation of programs and functions within many Western cities is a hangover from a modernist interpretation of urban planning in which activities don’t mix,” she adds.”

Since the topic is getting more and more popular and fancy, even more developer oriented, it looses its values, but still! It is good to check what is going on on the field of co-living and co-housing around the world! It must be a good idea if even profit-oriented developers started to deal with them.

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