1+1=3 which means togetherness + collaboration – My learnings in life #003

Doing things with other people is always a little (or a lot) more complicated than doing things alone (if it is possible at all to do them alone), but it makes a lot of sense to do them together. It brings a lot more than doing them alone. New perspectives, extra energies, new methods, cool approaches and the impact is also much bigger… You can always find excuses not to do things with other people, but if you start pushing togetherness and collaboration, you will soon realise, that it makes a lot of sense! It is crazy!!!


Finding 1.
Life is not always as logical as we would like to see. Life is as complex as the Nature! Nobody really knows how it works, so we try to simplify it, even if it is impossible. Let things happen and don’t try to understand always everything. Complexity is fine!

Finding 2.
Evolution is about collaboration. On a short run you might success without collaboration, but on a long-run, you will need skills to collaborate and live together! So go for it, start learning and developing collaborative skills! Educate yourself on this topic! The world is trying to push as towards competitions, but it sucks! Keep working hard for collaboration.

Finding 3.
Life is a pie! You can always have a bit of bite for others! : D There is no such thing as too small to share! Sharing is caring!

Finding 4.
Please share your finding with me on this topic… : D

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