Celebration time, not everyday is Saturday! – My learnings in life #002

“You have to celebrate when it’s celebration time!” said once my brother.

It makes a lot of sense, but it is also super difficult to make it real. Maybe it is about having a BALANCED life… If you have a life which celebrates everyday (you spend a lot of time and money on crazy things), you will loose the importance of these things. If you never celebrate, you will loose happiness in life. If you try to find a good balance, you will have FUN in life and you will still have relaxed moments and you will appreciate the nice moments too. 


Finding 1.
Don’t drink alcohol everyday! Alcoholism is the “new” mass sickness, said a Swiss article a few weeks ago…!

Finding 2.
Take your time to STOP for a moment and look back! Check the photos on your smartphone, write a list of ACHIEVED things, …! We do amazing things on a daily basis, but we often forget to celebrate them! NOTHING IS PERFECT and it is easier to see the dark side of life, but there is for sure also nice and amazing moments! The glass is half full! : D

Finding 3.
Nothing is perfect! Nothing!!! We have two options: (1) go for the imperfect and do more and be happy with that (2) fighting for perfectionism knowing that we will never achieve it, but still trying to develop ourselves to a master level.
Both can be an option… I do prefer to go for the imperfect… I think with that we can make the world liveable for more people on the Planet Earth… maybe I can master myself on doing thing imperfectly : D

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