“Less is more!” – this means almost nothing but also everything – My learnings in life #004

“Less is more” – said once Mies van der Rohe. This is such a big nothing, that nobody can do anything with it. Many people use this phrase as a magical thing, but actually it is everything and nothing.

I agree with this phrase, but also with the “More is more”… so what can we do now? Asymmetry and / or symmetry? Quality or / and quantity?

If we go for less quality, we can achieve more quantity and vice versa. If one of my legs is shorter, then the other one is longer. If I have less things in my flat, it might be easier to maintain the order, but I will have less… : D Many people want more and not less.

I guess, it is again about the BALANCE. As a single phrase, “less is more” makes sense, but in any context, it loses its power.

In another context, if you learn more, you will know less… So if you know less, you will “know” more… : D This is the case in many political debates… The less educated people know less, but they can focus on their own needs and people with more knowledge try to act on a more complex way, which is super complex and complicated.

So the big question is here again? This or that?



Finding 1.
It is never right or wrong. It is never less or more. It is never 100% something radical. So get used to it, complexity is normal. Taking complexity and diversity normal, could make a lot of positive changes in our world.

Finding 2.
Stop using crazy phrases which make no sense and let’s start talking about things which make sense : D Okay, if diversity matters, than this conversation makes also a lot of sense…

Finding 3.
AND is the new OR.

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