So in Switzerland they are not willing to introduce curfew – “Ausgangsverbot”, because it is not democratic enough!
WOW! – Is is such a STRONG statement!
So if Switzerland is so democratic (I hope and do believe that it is true) than now comes the RESPONSIBILITY part of democracy!

They say: #stayhome!

The society can show now how responsible it is to deal with the coronavirus without top-down power! Such a crazy “test”, but let’s see!!!

I’ll do my best to support this process!!!
Keep being democratic dear Switzerland!!! 💪

ps. I wouldn’t support for groups less than 5 to meet, so please if you don’t / can’t stay at home, please try not to meet with other people… These social (offline) exchanges really empower this fckn virus!

pps. Call your friends or family via Whatsapp, develop new cool ways of staying in contact without offline meeting… (whatsapp parties, …) – cheers : D

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