Let’s talk about running…

In December2022, I started running – doing again some kind of sport. I had a very long break of doing sports, even though as a kid I was doing tons of sports. I tried very different disciplines from handball, ice-hockey to rollerskating and skateboarding. I loved many of them. Sometimes I also went for a run in my hometown… I loved running too. I loved riding a horse too. Being alone and having the time for myself. I guess this being alone thing and having some me time is the most important issue which made me to restart running. Plus I find running a very simple sport. You can start it from home and you can finish it at home. I do not like going into gyms, and at the moment team sports would not be an option neither. The freedom of running – I can do it anytime during the day or week – is so pragmatic.

So running. Zürich is a great place for runners. I have to run only a few steps and I immediately have a trail to the direction of the Uetliberg. Such a nice place! There is always something beautiful in it. The lights, the nature, the animals…


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