Education for All! – 1.o

This post could be endless, so I start with the most important and then backwards in time…


The Architecture for Refugees (I’m one of the co-founders there) started a collaboration with the Emergency Architecture & Human Rights organisation based in Copenhagen to build 99 more classrooms and football fields for refugees and local communities in the Middle East and North Africa! Such an amazing thing!!! I truly believe that education is something fantastic and we should invest much more resources for that!!! The first classroom won the “Best Small Scale Architecture of the Year in 2018” by Archdaily! GREAT!

Now we have to build 99 and who knows how many more! The second project is coming soon, so keep tuned, I will share more info about this project soon!

Since I went to the Jungle of Calais in 2016, I think educational facilities – spaces and programs – are probably the most important things in life! The Jungle was a very special space with a lot of dirt and problems, but the schools were shining! So I hope that these new schools will be also more than super useful to offer perspective and future for their users – kids and adults too!

… less is more, so I will post more small details in the upcoming days …

Featured photo credit: Emergency Architecture & Human Rights

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