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  • New research + books

    New research + books

    We are doing a research and writing an article about #inclusivity #spaceattachment #identity #codesign #collaborativedevelopment #housing #refugees #privacy #communityspace #publicspace Thanks to all the authors! Amazing findings and important thoughts! Can’t wait to share our findings! #refugees #architecture #space #program @ Zürich, Switzerland Thanks Arrival City by Doug Saunders, Jane Jacobs, @Herbert Ludl, Jovis Verlag,…

  • Mapping the refugee life

    Mapping the refugee life

    We were invited by Raphael Perrett for the Helmhaus exhibition “Refaire le mond” to do a wall. This is it! The exhibition is over, but we are very happy that we were invited! Thanks!

  • Public spaces for inclusive cities and societies!

    Public spaces for inclusive cities and societies!

    Check this interesting article about the importance of good public spaces and programs for inclusivity! Click here for the article

  • Education for All! – 1.o

    Education for All! – 1.o

    This post could be endless, so I start with the most important and then backwards in time… The Architecture for Refugees (I’m one of the co-founders there) started a collaboration with the Emergency Architecture & Human Rights organisation based in Copenhagen to build 99 more classrooms and football fields for refugees and local communities in the…

  • Refaire le monde!

    Refaire le monde!

    “Rebuild the world” or something like that! In the Helmhaus Zürich there is an exhibition you must see! We also gave a wall there “Mapping the refugee life”, it is on the second floor! Invited by Raphael Perrett! Thanks! On Sunday, there was a lovely dinner in the museum 🙂

  • From the culture of waiting to the culture of care!

    From the culture of waiting to the culture of care!

    “From the culture of waiting to the culture of care” is called our MANIFESTO we have developed in 2016 with the students of the Tirana Architecture Week! Thanks to the Future Architecture Platform, the Architecture for Refugees was invited to organise a workshop in Tirana. This manifesto was one of the results. The other one…

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