Let’s change now!

Dear World,

as we all see, our health care system and political structure are very fucked up! Let’s change our way of doing and don’t follow our life as where we were doing before the coronavirus pandemic! Let’s sit down and think about the problems! Who are our real heroes, what are the real needs, who is doing bullshit but earning millions, …?! Our politics are often suck! Let’s take more personal responsibility and develop real democracies, where all the citizens have their voice, rights and responsibility! Let’s develop a society where caring about others is the new selfishness! Let’s find a better balance between “me” and “them”. Let’s take more care about the minority groups of our societies! If it will be better for them, it will be better for us. Let’s keep following Great Thumberg to make our Planet Earth healthier! Let’s make health (for us and for the Nature) more important than money! Consume less and buy things carefully. Support your friends, family, neighbourhood and society. If everybody will do this, you will also be supported by others, so through being nice, you will also get a lot of love, support and care! I know it’s a lot, but no worries! Take very small steps and think about these steps. Do one less step into the direction we were before (buy one less pair of shoes or jeans in one time) and take a positive step every day into the new direction. Buy bio food, help one friend a day, smile one more time a day and be nice in the shop.

You can also develop your own new direction and please do share it with us!


Bence Komlósi

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