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  • Let’s change now!

    Let’s change now!

    Dear World, as we all see, our health care system and political structure are very fucked up! Let’s change our way of doing and don’t follow our life as where we were doing before the coronavirus pandemic! Let’s sit down and think about the problems! Who are our real heroes, what are the real needs,…

  • The Funambulist

    The Funambulist

    The newest issue of The Funambulist is in da house! 💪🎉❤️ I highly recommend it to everyone, who is interested in politics, space, architecture, infrastructure, … It is super affordable! Go for it!

  • New research + books

    New research + books

    We are doing a research and writing an article about #inclusivity #spaceattachment #identity #codesign #collaborativedevelopment #housing #refugees #privacy #communityspace #publicspace Thanks to all the authors! Amazing findings and important thoughts! Can’t wait to share our findings! #refugees #architecture #space #program @ Zürich, Switzerland Thanks Arrival City by Doug Saunders, Jane Jacobs, @Herbert Ludl, Jovis Verlag,…

  • Do you know what is the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”?!

    Do you know what is the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”?!

    I have just checked it! I’m working a lot with refugee housing projects around the world and in Switzerland and this question came to my mind? I’m wondering if it is legal to host an asylum seeker in a “housing settlement” with periods when they can enter or not?! This is the case in many…