New research + books

We are doing a research and writing an article about #inclusivity #spaceattachment #identity #codesign #collaborativedevelopment #housing #refugees #privacy #communityspace #publicspace Thanks to all the authors! Amazing findings and important thoughts! Can’t wait to share our findings! #refugees #architecture #space #program @ Zürich, Switzerland Thanks Arrival City by Doug Saunders, Jane Jacobs, @Herbert Ludl, Jovis Verlag, @Simon Kretz, Lukas Kueng, @Refugees Welcome, Handmade Urbanism, ID22: Institute for Creative Sustainability, ‹trans› magazine, MAS ETH in Housing, @Selfmade City, @Richard Sennett, Andrea Dúll, Doina Petrescu, Kim Trogal, Hatje Cantz, Actar Publishers, Interboro Partners, Ruby Press… with Zsófi Glatz

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