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  • New research + books

    New research + books

    We are doing a research and writing an article about #inclusivity #spaceattachment #identity #codesign #collaborativedevelopment #housing #refugees #privacy #communityspace #publicspace Thanks to all the authors! Amazing findings and important thoughts! Can’t wait to share our findings! #refugees #architecture #space #program @ Zürich, Switzerland Thanks Arrival City by Doug Saunders, Jane Jacobs, @Herbert Ludl, Jovis Verlag,…

  • Mapping the refugee life

    Mapping the refugee life

    We were invited by Raphael Perrett for the Helmhaus exhibition “Refaire le mond” to do a wall. This is it! The exhibition is over, but we are very happy that we were invited! Thanks!

  • What a day!

    What a day!

    I LOVE these days! Home office – writing an article with Sofie about identity and space, being with the family, having a meeting with Irshad and talking about Balochistan (check the wikipedia link here), having a phone meeting and talking about an article for the Life at Home – good architectural examples of integration in…

  • Refaire le monde!

    Refaire le monde!

    “Rebuild the world” or something like that! In the Helmhaus Zürich there is an exhibition you must see! We also gave a wall there “Mapping the refugee life”, it is on the second floor! Invited by Raphael Perrett! Thanks! On Sunday, there was a lovely dinner in the museum 🙂

  • Do you know what is the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”?!

    Do you know what is the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”?!

    I have just checked it! I’m working a lot with refugee housing projects around the world and in Switzerland and this question came to my mind? I’m wondering if it is legal to host an asylum seeker in a “housing settlement” with periods when they can enter or not?! This is the case in many…